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Services Squad based in the Kemp Mill area. 

We have references and customer testimonials, from local members of our community.  This is useful and important, because you can actually speak with our customers - and most likely, you already know them personally.

We encourage you to share your experience and sent it again, we would love to hear from you and get you part of our referrals program.


Customer Testimonial’s

Dear Reader,

We recently had our kitchen redone by Yosef of Services Squad

We also asked him to perform other smaller jobs around the house including repairing a bath and shower. 

We were delighted with the beautiful workmanship and skill that Yosef exhibited. 

What we were most impressed by though was the exemplary midos that Yosef displayed throughout each project. 

Yosef's integrity and honesty and work ethic forms the backbone of his service. 

He is very careful to track each and every item purchased and is very careful not to overcharge even a small amount on any job or item. 

He also is careful to make sure the work is done safely, for the benefit of his workers and his customers. 

He will be sure to suggest the most economical way to carry out a job and is as concerned as the customer about cost. 

We are very satisfied with our new kitchen, and the way all the other projects, large and small, turned out.

Yasher Koach! - (The customer email address is available upon request)


Please Click on the images below and see more. Thank You!

Before                                                                               After


Before                                                                               After



Kitchen Remodeling Testimonial

We have hired Yosef at Services Squad for several small and large projects since moving to the community, starting with our move-in and also including a major remodeling of our kitchen.  He is always incredibly meticulous about quality of workmanship and cleanliness of the work site, and his pricing is reasonable and very transparent.  When he moved us into our home, nothing had even a scratch and was done in a quick and orderly way.  For the kitchen remodel, he was a great resource for planning, made sure the work moved according to the expected schedule, and ensured the rest of the house was not disrupted.  There were never any surprise or hidden charges, and we were completely satisfied at the end of the project.  We continue to work with him when we need a handyman.

Click here to see our kitchen

Thank you,


Gail Javitt

Yosef - Services Squad

Thanks so much, my parents were so appreciative of all your help - they can't stop talking about how great you were.


Random Thoughts

[list] Wonderful Handyman

I would just like to recommend Yosef from Services Squad for the handyman services he provided us.

He is a member of our community, very trustworthy and efficient. You can contact him directly at 240-464-1912 or Yosef@Services

Also, if you suffered any rain damage under your gutters, etc. he can handle that, as well as prepare a home to pass inspection in this regard.

You can visit the link below to see what he did for us:


Please feel free to call me as well for further details: Ari: 301-403-8823.


Daniel Moshinsky

[list] An Excellent Handyman

A. We would like to highly recommend Yosef, a skilled local handyman that we used for many home projects this week.

He has been excellent, and we couldn't be happier with Yosef's honesty, his promptness, attention to detail, calm demeanor,

and very reasonable and straightforward rates. He showed expertise in electrical and plumbing work, as well as smaller jobs.

For a particular job that other contractors have quoted us over $500,

Yosef was able to diagnose the problem precisely, think outside the box, and to get the job done for just $40.  Moreover, he called the next day to make sure his fix was working, and that we were happy with the work.

We couldn't recommend him more. We found him through Aric Kabillio's recommendation on this list, and we feel lucky that we did.

B. I would also like to recommend Services Squad.
This past winter they were amazing at fixing my heating unit, and over the last couple of years have done a myriad of jobs for us.

The thing that stands out about this handyman is honesty and thoughtfulness

a willingness to think outside the box that will save you money and make a quality, lasting repair.

Yosef's phone number is (240) 464-1912.

All the best,

Daniel and Caryn Moshinsky.


Mel Farber

[list] Quality work

If you need handyman kinds of things done, I highly recommend Yosef from Services Squad 240-464-1912.   He came on time, did the work professionally, cleaned up after all the work was done. 

I was more than satisfied.  He offers a variety of services so if you need work done,

give him a call and he may be able to provide you with what you need.



Natelson, Joan M. Thu 4/14/2011 5:12 PM

[list] Services Squad Handyman

Yosef from Services Squad is excellent!

If you are looking for an excellent handyman/ painter, I highly recommend Yosef from Services Squad.

He did some painting and some maintenance including a new hall close. 

He is reasonable, honest, very skilled and did an excellent job.

Yosef Number 240-464-1912

Thank you Yosef, You are the best!

Joan Natelson


Simcha Merkin Wed 6/15/2011 11:41 PM

[list] Services SquadRecommendation

Yosef was very efficient and reasonably priced. He even helped with other projects and refused to be paid.  I highly recommend his services.

Rabbi Simmy Merkin - Program Director

Yeshiva of Greater Washington.
2010 Linden Lane, Silver Spring Md. 20910-1700

(301) 962 -5111 ext.1522


Shana Kasdan-Wohl  Mon 9/5/2011 2:59 PM

[list] Service Squad - Happy Customer

Hi -

Just wanted to praise the service that was provided from Services Squad (240-464-1912).
He was very responsive, quick to help, professional, and courteous. He also went above and beyond to make sure everything was clean when he left and put back in order.

I highly recommend for your household repair needs!

Shana Wohl


David Maslow  Mon 9/5/2011 5:48 PM

Re: [list] Service Squad - Happy Customer

I also want to praise Yosef of Services Squadfor prompt, skilled and reasonably priced service. 

It is good to have him in the community.

David Maslow

9.  on behalf of; Judith Levy  Thu 11/26/2015 4:55 PM

[list] Fwd: In the Spirit of being Thankful!

Thanks to Yosef from Services Squadfor a great job and customer service.

Thanks to his professional recommendations, a small basement room is now a convenient and practical home based store (609 Hyde road).

Yosef made a few trips to Home Depot to purchase the shelves, racks...

Work was clean, fast and affordable.

I highly recommend his services.

10.  on behalf of; Rebecca Keller Sun 11/29/2015 10:51 PM

Re: [list] In the Spirit of being Thankful!

Yosef came over today to fix some things in our house and I was so pleased and impressed with his work and professionalism. 

Firstly, he was easy to contact and communicate with.  When he came he was able to accomplish a lot and his work was done well. 

It is clear that he cares a lot about his customers and strives to do a high quality job.

He has a kind personality that really makes it a pleasure to work with him. 

I appreciate everything he did to help improve our home, and I highly recommend him for any Home Improvement job.   

Becky Keller


Allison Marcus  Sun 11/29/2015 3:21 PM

Re: [list] In the Spirit of being Thankful!

Yosef just came to our house on the free work offer and he fixed the plumbing of two toilets and a pipe under our kitchen sink.

A few weeks ago he fixed a clogged drain on our basement. Previously, he replaced a shower knob, made a roof repair, repaired some siding, HVAC work
,  and replaced French doors.
We've been very happy with the work he has done for us. He's also always available to answer questions.
His prices are always amazing.

We strongly recommend him for home repairs
. If you have any questions about his feel, feel free to email us.


Allison & Jay Marcus


David Marwick  Sun 11/29/2015 9:05 PM

Seeking Handyman Recommendations?

Yosef Hakim (Services Squad) can most likely solve your problem, at a much lower cost, He is honest, meticulous, and creative.

he is remarkably knowledgeable and resourceful, and a real mentch.

Contact him at


David Marwick

Workshop Coordinator,


Bernice Cohen Sun 11/29/2015 9:32 PM

Re: [list] In the Spirit of being Thankful!

I second everything that has been said about Yosef Services Squad

He's a mentch above and beyond all the excellent home repair services that he has done in our home. 

I highly recommend Yosef's services and if you have any questions, you can email me as well.

Bernice Cohen

14.  on behalf of; Joshua Katz Wed 12/2/2015 12:18 PM

Fwd: [list] In the Spirit of being Thankful!

Yosef has done work at my home and at Ben Yehuda, both for simple tasks and small repairs, to larger pipe work.

His quotes have always accurate.  In one instance there was a potential complication that could have send the project off budget. 

He informed us of the risks before doing the work and told us how much the complication would cost to fix if it came up. 

Fortunately, Yosef's skill was able to prevent the complication and finished the job on budget.

Most importation, I trust Yosef. I would let him work on my house while I wasn't at home if need be. 

I trust his work and his commitment to his customers and to the community as a whole.

Thank you Yosef.

Josh Katz

President, Monumental Kosher Inc.

(301) 681-8900 x 300

15.  on behalf of; Jack Leeb  Wed 12/2/2015 3:40 PM

RE: [list] In the Spirit of being Thankful!

I also heartily endorse Yosef. He has done work for me, done it well, and has always kept his word. I am sure I will be using his services in the future.



Diane Hamou Zarfaty  Tue 12/8/2015 7:48 PM / Yosef at Services Squad Review

Yosef was very accommodating with my work schedule.

He gave me 90 minutes and was very fast and efficient with my repairs.

I highly recommend his services

Telephone Number  240-464-1912


Jerome Kowalski  Tue 9/6/2011 8:13 AM

RE: [list] Service Squad - Happy Customer

I add my own commendation to Yosef of the Services Squad

He installed a computer for us and performed his services with professionalism. 
He was knowledgeable and paraprofessional in every respect.


Shulamith Grauman  Mon 7/25/2011 9:46 PM

[list] Dryer Vent Dangers

This happened recently to a local friend.  I am not an expert in this field I just thought it was important enough that I share it with the community.

A 6-year old dryer had stopped heating the clothes in the dryer cycle. 

A technician came and replaced the heating element but when he looked at it suggested my friend bring in someone to clean out the vent—the coils in the heating element were bent and one had split. 

She  called several places for estimates. 

Yosef, a handyman that has appeared on our list-serve many times with excellent reviews, was called as well. 

He came in with the lowest price and the fastest availability. 

He showed her how dirty the vent really was—in fact, there was some indication that a fire had even tried starting but burned itself out without causing damage. 

He explained that cleaning out your dryer vents on a regular basis (1-3 years) is an easy way to avoid far more serious consequences. 

We are all aware of the potential dangers of fire when Shabbos candles are left unattended, this seems to be another household item we should be taking care of. 


Max Rudmann  Tue 7/26/2011 8:06 AM

Friends and Neighbors

I want to echo Shulamith's assessment of the dryer vent danger and of Yosef's Services Squad.

Yosef is diligent, honest, and reliable mensch, who cleaned our dryer vents.

In the process, he gave us, with pictures and clear explanations what was going on.

We recently asked him to make an adjustment and he came, provided

labor and materials (all for free), insisting that it was part of his warranty of his work.

He can take on a variety of jobs besides cleaning dryer vents and can be reached

at 240-464-1912 or


Chaya Topas Lisitza Fri 4/8/2011 4:13 PM

[list] Recommendation: Yosef's Services Squad.

Dear Community,

We hired Yosef at Services Squad to clean a rug and our carpeting. 
We were SO impressed with his honesty, integrity, and the wonderful job that he did. 
His prices were very reasonable and he broke down all of the costs for us so we knew exactly what we were paying for. 
If you need your rugs or furniture cleaned before (and/or after) Pesach, call Yosef!

His number is 240 - 464 -1912

Shabbat Shalom,



Nicole Barda 4/12/2011 7:46 PM

Just in time for Passover, we used Yosef Services Squad to deep clean all our carpets in our home as well as all our fabric couches.

We were happy by the price but even more so we were pleasantly surprised that everything was cleaned and dry that same day! 
If you are thinking of doing this before Passover, you won't regret it.

Their number is: 240-464-1912

Thanks, Nicole

22.  Wed 5/4/2011 3:26 PM

[list] Services Squad

Yosef Hakim from Services Squad cleaned my carpets and washed my windows. 
He did an excellent job and I found him to be a caring and honest individual.


Rivkah Puchovitz

[list] Great experience with Yosef at Services Squad

Dear Silver Spring Community,

I am writing to recommend Yosef at Services Squad.  He was punctual, professional and dependable. 

I was nervous about getting a large couch into our basement apartment and we were able to do so without damaging anything in an efficient manner. 

I would definitely use Yosef again for any of my moving needs and I encourage others to do the same.

I have included a link to his website: Http://

Matthew Manes


Mayer and Sharon Samuels

[list] Recommending Yosef of Services Squad

We had a positive experience with Yosef of Services Squad on moving an item and plan to use him again shortly for long overdue handyman work in our home.



Sharon Samuels


Judith and Aric Kabillio - We would like to endorse Yosef from Services Squad for the outstanding, good old-fashioned service that he has demonstrated with his Fire Prevention Dryer Vent Cleaning and other Handyman Services he provided us with dedication and affordable reasonable rates, which we believe its a small cost for our family's safety.

26.; on behalf of; Dan Shoshani Dan@AC-DUCT.COM  Tue 12/8/2015 1:16 PM

[list] Recommending Services Squad

This is what Yosef Services Squad added in our kitchen. Very fast, very professional and very affordable.

Thank you so much :-)

Dan Shoshani 

Usair duct & A/C LLC

We encourage you to share your experience and sent it again, we would love to hear from you and get you part of our referrals program.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at: 240-464-1912 or email to

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