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Dear Reader,

We recently had our kitchen redone by Yosef of Services Squad

We also asked him to perform other smaller jobs around the house including repairing a bath and shower. 

We were delighted with the beautiful workmanship and skill that Yosef exhibited. 

What we were most impressed by though was the exemplary midos that Yosef displayed throughout each project. 

Yosef's integrity and honesty and work ethic forms the backbone of his service. 

He is very careful to track each and every item purchased and is very careful not to overcharge even a small amount on any job or item. 

He also is careful to make sure the work is done safely, for the benefit of his workers and his customers. 

He will be sure to suggest the most economical way to carry out a job and is as concerned as the customer about cost. 

We are very satisfied with our new kitchen, and the way all the other projects, large and small, turned out.

Yasher Koach! (The customer email address is available upon request)

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Services Squad
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