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Silica, Lead and Asbestos Danger

Did you know that drywall dust contains silica dust?

Did you know that many houses built prior to 1982 are most likly to contain asbestos within the drywall joint compound and the ceramic tile glue?

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Services Squad is certified to perform safe removal of construction and building materials.

Yosef Hakim the owner of Services Squad is fully licensed and certified to deal with these potentially hazardous building materials.

Services Squad is certified to collect samples for asbestos and to perform lead testing.  In many houses built prior to 1982, there is a very high probability that the joint compound in the drywall and the ceramic tile glue contains Asbestos, and that the paint contains lead.

Services Squad is certified to assess the presence of these materials, we are certified to deal with and remove construction materials, as such. Our knowledge, education, certification and State of the Art equipment, allow us to perform safe remodeling services, with emphasis on indoor air quality, dust control, and your family’s health.

When removing sections of drywall / ceramic tile, in which the joint compound of the drywall / the ceramic tile glue might contain asbestos, we use the safe wet method to remove all sections of walls, which need to be removed, in a safe manner - preventing airborne contamination and assuring maximum construction dust control, as well.


Even if your drywall joint compound, or ceramic tile glue, or paint, do not contain asbestos or lead, there is definitely silica dust contained.  Beyond the established toxins, it is not healthy to inhale any construction dust.  Unfortunately, in the U.S alone, 200.000 children under the age of 7 are hospitalized every year, due to renovation projects done in their homes.


Services Squad has the tools and the knowledge to perform Dust Free renovation projects
We have invested many thousands of dollars gaining knowledge and purchasing equipment, not just to assure that we are in compliance with the insurance company requests, but because we report to a higher hierarchy.  Therefore, in order to assure fair practice (not just a clean conscience), we have invested the time and money to pursue education in this field, we have invested a great amount of money to purchase lifesaving equipment and we are pleased to share this knowledge with you, which we believe should help define your educated decision to select Services Squad for your upcoming remodeling project.


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When it comes to a possibility of lead within the paint, Yosef Hakim the owner of Services Squad is R.R.P. Certified (Renovation, Repair, and Paint) Certified by the Maryland EPA (Environment Protection Agency) which governs how to safely remove potential hazardous materials such as lead.


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